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One for the road…


I sprang into existence with illimitable power.
I never tire, or rest, or take a break.
And the universe is as it is because I formed it so.
I never make the tiniest mistake.

So don’t talk rot about My ‘plans’; I do not plan, I act.
No change occurs unless I make it so.
Don’t allocate catastrophes to chance: they’re all My fault.
Each alteration in the status quo.

And if your life is miserable, take comfort in the thought
I could improve it instantly — but won’t.
Malaria, smallpox, earthquakes, hunger, suffering and pain,
All things I could abolish — but I don’t.

Poor theists, trying desperately with endless weasel words,
To justify My failure to act,
If only you had thought before you wrote Me into life,
How things would be if such a God were fact.

A God who can bring total bliss, but lets disaster reign?
A loathesome genocide, who thrives on fear?
It would have been much better to have limited My powers,
Than to make My vileness so entirely clear.

Time for a break…

I’ve been working on this blog and its predecessor for about six years now, and I’ve decided to take a break. While the spectacular stupidity of things done by religious believers — including environmentalists — continues in full spate, I’m going to let other people record it for a while. 

Malaysia: 299 dead, one no-show still alive… it’s a miracle!

You knew it was coming… Read more…

UN: Hooray for disasters!

They make me look good! Read more…

US: Give free guns to churchgoers, and pretty soon…

…more Kentuckians will be dead. Read more…

Vatican: Frankie say “Everyone else did it too!”

“Only they didn’t get caught!” Read more…

US: One domino down — Big Green loses a case

This week the environmental movement suffered its biggest defeat since Climategate. And at the hands of its most hated enemy: Big Oil.

Here are the reasons why the court ruling by a US federal judge that Chevron should not have to pay $9.5 billion in damages to victims of oil pollution in Ecuador is a victory for common sense and justice which we should all be celebrating.

James Delingpole at Breitbart

US college takes steps to ensure only stupid people teach there

Oh, and liars, of course. Read more…

Global: Just a reminder


I’m looking at you, Uganda and Russia.

US: Oooh! Oooh! ATHEISTS! Don’t hurt us!

The American Conservative Union reneges on a promise to allow an atheist information booth at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Read more…

Nigeria: Islamists kill 59 pupils at boarding school

At least 59 children have been killed in Nigeria after Islamist gunmen opened fire at a boarding school before burning it to the ground, officials say. Read more…

US: Crappy Biblical movie not crappy enough for Ken Ham

Did I say ‘crappy’? I meant ‘Biblical‘. Not Biblical enough.

Read more…


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