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US: Or you could just, you know, chew less…

July 27, 2014

A Christian group that is planning a ‘fast’ in opposition to same-sex marriage has claimed that members don’t actually have to stop eating food to take part.

The Virginia-based Family Foundation announced a coordinated fast earlier this month, in order to influence the US Supreme Court into rejecting same-sex marriage when it hears the first of a series of appeals cases in October.

The group had said previously: “The Supreme Court begins their session on October 6th. We fully expect them to take a marriage case sometime in the next year.

“Join us for 40 Days of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance for Marriage from August 27 through October 5, 2014.

“Our 40 Days will culminate on October 5th just before the court begins their session.”

However, the group has since told members that they don’t actually have to give up food at all to take part in the ‘fast’.

They wrote: “We are asking the entire Body of Christ to join us for this feast – giving up physical food isn’t necessary – but feeding on the spiritual food provided is vital.”

“We, the wishy-washies, demand to have our say
As long as it does not disrupt our lives in any way.
We’re keen and dedicated, our principles are high,
And (unless we don’t feel like it) we will let our banners fly.
To show our Congresspeople that their views are far too lenient,
We’ll go to any lengths provided it’s not inconvenient.
Christ’s righteousness, sustained by all the fervour that we feel,
Empowers us to do anything — but go without a meal.”

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