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This blog attempts to collect as many of the examples of religiously-motivated violence and stupidity which make it into the online international press as possible. It began as a single page on my Atheist Wiki called the Outrage Scoreboard, where it ran for over a year. Eventually it became clear that there was just too much religious insanity around to enter it all manually, so I moved to a blog format where I could automate the postings. I try and post every day but this is not always possible, and I have holidays like everyone else, so if there is a gap, just be patient and I will probably return soon.

The blog is a work in progress. New categories are being added and the scope has changed a little over time. Last year I added an ‘environmentalism‘ category, for acts carried out in the name of environmentalism which are as blindingly stupid and destructive as those normally associated with religion. To be fair I should probably include ‘Communism’ as another daft ideology, but it would be hard to separate specifically Communistic acts of daftness and bloodshed from those perpetrated with any government trying to maintain an undemocratic rule by threats and force. More recently I added a ‘mega-lunacy‘ category for actions and statements that soar above the normal level of denialism and self-delusion associated with religious beliefs, and reach new heights of disenfranchisement from the real world.

I live in Australia, and use Australian news sites, so Australian news tends to get a higher priority here. If you’re planning to visit, don’t worry — we’re not quite as densely populated with gibbering morons as this blog might lead you to believe. For readers in other countries, particularly non-English speaking areas, it’s reasonable to assume that most of your local daftness doesn’t make it into the international online press, and you should multiply the amount shown here by a factor of three or more to estimate the real quantity of misery and suffering religion is inflicting in your particular part of the world.

I hope you enjoy — if that is the right word — what you find here, or at least learn from it. Feel free to add comments. I will let through anything except violent abuse and unwarranted self-promotion, although I reserve the right to comment on your comment. If you have suggestions for posts, let me know. If you have information about an idiocy or an atrocity committed in the name of atheism, let me know, and if I agree I will include it.

Note that this does not include ‘Hitler was an atheist!’ (he wasn’t) or ‘Stalin was an atheist!’ (he may have been, but he was also a psychotic sociopath, which is far more relevant).


  1. Thís looks like a lot of fun…

    ‘…we’re not quite as densely populated with gibbering morons as this blog might lead you to believe.”
    My brother is a photographer and lives in Sydney. I know he is not a moron but he is probably mad.

    I live in South Africa and we have heaps of nutters over here, count on it!

  2. corio37 permalink

    I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.

  3. Okay first: THIS BLOG OF YOURS MISSY IS #1 AND I EXPECT YOU TO RIGHT EVERYDAY ABOUT THE ATROCITIES OF RELIGION. #2 responding to someone suppose to be Observing.. There is no atrocities in being a spiritually aware human being, but in religion their are many. Being Spiritual is not being religious, and being religious is not being spiritual. AND THE RELIGIOUS HAVE TO EITHER BE A SPIRITUAL PERSON OR A RELIGIOUS PERSON YOU CAN NOT BE BOTH, and Atheists say nothing bad about that… Just the religious which of course is all another atrocities and causes much problems in this universe. Everyone can be spiritual but when you add religion to the mix, you are no longer spiritual. So thank you and to read more go to my FOR THOSE WHO ARE thrown out of the Church Again for being Gay or Lesbian? What were you doing there to begin with? Sick of your Religious Friends Preaching on You when ever you see them? Don’t like how your Religious Organization Encourages Crimes Against Humanity, Or Animal Cruelty? Cant stand the hypocracy, lies & manipulations of the religious relations? Sick of reading people’s Posts with statements like “God Bless You”, “God Loves You” & God Helps Those Who Help Themselves? OMGGOSH-DRIVESUSNUTS. So keep up with this fantastic blog to let the world know how screwed up religion and most of the religious. Muawww.

  4. jonjermey permalink

    I am a strict materialist, but materialism recognises events, processes and patterns like thought, emotions, learning, etc. We can and do abstract upwards from material objects through various connected layers of reasoning, meaning and interpretation.

    I also think that a good many surprises await us in our investigation of the universe. Being a materialist doesn’t entail any privileged knowledge about what’s ‘out there’ or ‘in there’.

    I’ve written about the ‘supernatural’ elsewhere, but in summary my view is that ‘that’s a supernatural belief’ is just a politer way of saying: ‘You believe this object exists or this event took place, but you’re wrong’. No object or event is really ‘supernatural’ to the person who believes in it.

  5. Observer permalink

    hmmm do you belief in spirituality in any form? I mean do you think there is more dimension to human life other than physical presence?Just interested in knowing.

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