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New Zealand: The Fifties called…

July 22, 2014

… they want their attitudes back.

A New Zealand high school student who refused to cut his hair has won his High Court battle to keep his locks.

Lucan Battison, 16 from Hastings, was suspended from St John’s College on May 22 after ignoring requests from the school to cut his hair, which it said failed to meet the school’s requirements of “off the collar and out of the eyes”.

In the first place, as you can see from the photos, it was. But in the second place, what sort of fucking medieval moron thinks that the length and style of anyone’s hair is remotely connected in any way with the business of teaching them academic and life skills? Only a Catholic school would imagine it could get away with this kind of idiocy in the first place.

via SMH

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  1. The Pentecostals do this well also.

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