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Ireland: Mass grave found at former Catholic orphanage

June 11, 2014

Suffer the little children to come unto me… via the sewage tank.

From 1925 until 1961, an order of nuns calls the Bon Secours Sisters ran an institution at this building in Tuam in Co Galway.

The institution was called St Mary’s but was known locally as The Home. Unmarried women in the area who became pregnant were sent there to give birth away from their families, as at the time, having a so-called ‘illegitimate’ child was regarded as shameful.

The babies were then left in the orphanage to be raised by the nuns. Some of them were put up for adoption  – which, some contend, was done without the consent of the parents – while some remained in the care of the nuns.

Some of the poorer women who gave birth were forced to work for the nuns in the institution after they had their child as a way to pay for the service which had been provided to them….

…796 children definitely died at The Home – we know that because there are State records. But how do we know that they were buried in the former sewage tank?

We don’t. The only record of the skeletons being seen was in 1975 when the two boys discovered them. The skeletons were not counted and the area has not been dug up since.

However, Catherine Corless says the evidence points to only one answer. “Where would they be if they’re not in that pit? Have they just vanished into thin air?”

  1. Jon permalink

    I’m not a television fan: the new, ‘improved’ Cosmos hasn’t entered my world-view. But I do wonder what Carl Sagan would have made of AGW hysteria.

  2. “Have they just vanished into thin air?”

    Forgive the snark, but isn’t that what their Christ did? Would that make it Christ-like?

    Hand a country to theocrats, and the bodies pile up, even when it’s atheist theocrats. The communists proved even godlessness is no protection from a Cathedral in possession of the “truth.”

    Which reminds me: Jon, are you going to take a shot at Neil Degrasse Tyson’s version of “death by climate change” with the working title, “Cosmos?”

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