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Malaysia: 299 dead, one no-show still alive… it’s a miracle!

March 12, 2014

You knew it was coming…

A man with a ticket for the lost plane to Malaysia called a last-minute decision not to board an act of God.

Greg Candelaria works in global technology services, which requires him to frequently fly around the world.

He planned to board Flight 370 for business and then meet his daughter, who is in China wrapping up the adoption process for her child.

“I think this is a God thing,” Candelaria said. “I don’t think it’s coincidence. Part of my motivation was to fly over there on business and meet my daughter and my new granddaughter.”


So God let 299 other people die, but he saved Greg, because Greg is such a special snowflake. Can I touch the hem of your garment, Greg?

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