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US: You can ask Dr. Mann ANYTHING…

February 26, 2014

…as long as it makes him look good.

I gave it quite a lot of thought, and asked three questions of Michael Mann during his Ask Me Anything on Reddit:

Given the Oxburgh Panel’s criticism on your use of statistical methods and McShane and Wyner 2010 finding significant statistical lapses in Mann et al 2008, do you foresee consulting with statisticians before publishing future papers?

Do you regret the splicing of instrumental data with proxy data in your Nature study, something that Phil Jones referred to as “Mike’s Nature trick?”

Darrell Kaufman issued a correction after he discovered that your orientation of the Tiljander data set was upside down in Mann et al 2008. Do you regret reversing this orientation, and why have you not issued a similar correction?

Unfortunately, Michael Mann saw none of these questions.

And it’s not that that the questions showed up but were down-voted into oblivion by the users (seems to be a safe zone for alarmists).  I half-expected that!  What transpired instead was that the moderator blocked my comments from appearing entirely.  Which was weird, because the only reason they should not have shown up is if I was posting spam.

I contacted the moderator to inquire and his response was that my questions were “inappropriate” for Michael Mann.

So when the moderator specified that “hard questions are allowed” for Dr. Mann, I guess what he really meant was that “hard questions are definitely not allowed”.  And as to “inappropriate”, I can hardly imagine more appropriate questions!

Watts Up With That?

Dear Dr. Mann: when the airline charges you for extra baggage because they have to carry your ego, do you get a grant to cover that?

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