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Global: Song of windmills and minds

February 21, 2014

The tune by Michel Legrand is here, with English words sung — in a manner of speaking — by the inimitable Noel Harrison.

Some are burning like a candle, some are falling from a height,
Some are making funny noises that keep folk awake all night,
Some are slicing up bald eagles and decapitating bats.
Some annoy the local livestock and create neurotic cats.
Built with money from investors who’ve been taken for a ride,
Some are rusting in the ocean, some despoil the countryside.
They’re turned off when there’s too much wind and when there’s not enough.
They cost a fortune to erect and more with every puff.
Wasting money by the hour,
They’re the windmills that make power.

Some are anarchists and Marxists who are crazy but sincere,
Some are out-of-fashion rock stars trying to start a new career.
Some are crooked politicians, some are scientists hunting grants,
Some are would-be planet savers in a lefty Liberal trance.
Some are spending public money making barbarism cool,
Some are flying round the planet telling folks to use less fuel.
Some are out-and-out deceivers, some have services to sell,
Some have given up already, which is probably just as well.
Dumb, misguided, or obscene,
Meet the minds behind Big Green.

They stand behind small government and people’s rights to choose.
Some have faith in a religion, some have Libertarian views,
But they know about statistics and they know about deceit.
They can recognise the failings in the arguments they meet.
They know a good deal more about the climate than their foes,
They don’t try to put the blame on global warming when it snows.
They’re our last, best hope for liberty and independent thought,
And their followers can trust them, for we know they can’t be bought.
They’re the sceptics who deny
The great global warming lie.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Ha! Although I am not a GW denier like yourself I enjoyed your little ditty. It was cutting. It hurt, even. But it was funny. Clever. And you chose a good melody to write your biting words.

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