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UK: Heretics!

February 15, 2014

The UK Green Party shows its naked fear of argument by calling for a purge of AGW ‘deniers’.

The Green Party of England and Wales has called for a purge of government advisors and ministers who do not share its views on climate change.

Any senior advisor refusing to accept “the scientific consensus on climate change” should be sacked, it said.

Party leader Natalie Bennett said the rule must apply to all senior advisors, including those with no responsibility for environmental issues.

The Greens are now insisting the government get rids of any cabinet minister who takes a different view on climate change….

Ms Bennett said: “We need the whole government behind this. This is an emergency situation we’re facing now. We need to take action. We need everyone signed up behind that.”

Pressed on the issue, she agreed that even the chief veterinary officer should be removed if he didn’t sign up to the view on climate change also taken by the Green Party.

BBC News

Luckily the chance of these lunatics getting into power is shrinking daily.


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