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UK: Climate superman does eleven jobs

February 3, 2014

But not very well…

Lord Smith’s leadership of the Environment Agency is in crisis following the flooding gripping parts of Britain.

Sources have accused Lord Smith, a Cabinet minister in Tony Blair’s Labour government, of “keeping his head down” despite parts of the country being submerged for weeks.

Allegations that he is “too distracted” by having too many jobs — in all Lord Smith has 11 paid and unpaid posts — have added to the growing concern in Whitehall.

Although he is due to step down as chairman of the Environment Agency in June, a source said: “There is no way he would get back in even if he wanted to reapply for his post.”


The revolving doors in the climate change establishment are gathering speed. Soon they’ll start kicking the cronies out before they’ve made their pile; then we can expect to see some interesting and resentful revelations.

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