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Australia: Calling Captain Obvious!

February 3, 2014

A nun thinks the Catholic Church is an Old Boys’ Club.

The Catholic Church was ”patriarchal”, regarded women as useful for ”cooking the Sunday lunch roast” but not much else and even today left women feeling ”fairly well overlooked”, a senior nun has told the NSW Special Commission of Inquiry.

A former congregation leader of the Sisters of St Joseph in Lochinvar, in the Hunter Valley, Sister Lauretta Baker, said she was not a feminist because the word was divisive, but she laid bare how a nun felt about the church and its global child sex abuse crisis.

”I think it’s true to say the Catholic Church is as good as it is today because of its religious women, not because of its religious men,” she told the inquiry in evidence made public on Friday. ”We have endured much, put up with much.”


Update: Is the Captain still in the building?


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