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Spain: But we trusted the government to keep on telling lies!

January 12, 2014

… the Spanish government has changed its mind [about solar subsidies]. It plans to pay less, a lot less. Under legislation that goes into effect this year, it will drop its per-kilowatt-hour payment system altogether and effectively impose retroactive cuts in payments. It also plans to make solar power producers pay a charge on electricity they generate and use themselves, a measure that angry protesters have named the “sun tax.”

Spain has good reason for wanting to take action. It is facing a growing deficit — about $40 billion now — because it has never passed on the true cost of producing energy to its consumers, a problem that has ballooned with the economic crisis. If it does not do something, that deficit will only grow, experts say.

  1. Christopher Simpson permalink

    Ah — satisfaction, thy name is Schadenfreude. I wonder how long the solar energy industry will last in Spain now. Popcorn anyone?

  2. Spain has the 3rd most expensive electricity prices in Europe, how has the govt. NOT passed the cost onto consumers?

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