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US: Who killed the Ark Park?

January 10, 2014

Was it atheists, or did it just fall apart under the weight of its own crazy?

Bloomberg reported on Friday that creationist ministry Answers in Genesis must sell $29 million in unrated junk bonds by Feb. 6, or else their entire bond structure will collapse for the construction of Ark Encounter — the proposed evangelical tourist attraction in Grant County that will feature a giant boat telling the story of how a 600-year old man rounded up dinosaurs and fire-breathing dragons onto Noah’s Ark a few thousand years ago….

But why has Answers in Genesis had such trouble raising the money for this project, which was supposed to break ground almost three years ago? Are people just skeptical that a park with a giant dinosaur boat and a “Ten Plagues of Egypt” ride won’t actual draw as many visitors as King’s Island, like they claim it will?

No, as Ken Ham further explains in the email that LEO obtained — and I have long assumed would be Ham’s scapegoat/excuse once this fantasy imploded and failed — the trouble with Ark Encounter’s financing is due to the treachery of atheists and godless bloggers, who have sabotaged the giant dinosaur boat, perhaps with the help of The Devil Himself.


What the story doesn’t mention is the subsidies and funds provided to Ham by the state government. Kentucky taxpayers, you have been royally fucked over in the name of religion.

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  1. Christopher Simpson permalink

    I have to say, I’m kind of disappointed. I think it would have been fun to go to a theme park like this. Children could be photographed with mascots such as “Big Tee,” the Tyrannosaurus rex who helped carry lumber for the ark, or “Sammy,” the many-limbed serpent who tried to convince his brother not to bother Adam and Eve. It is indeed a sad day that such memories will forever be denied.

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