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Afghanistan: 10-year-old girl sent on suicide bomb mission by family

January 7, 2014

An Afghan girl believed to be about 10 years old was found wearing a bomb vest in Helmand province after her brother encouraged her to carry out a suicide attack, officials said on Monday.

The girl, named as Spogmai, had been persuaded to attack border police after male relatives accused her of having “illicit relations” with officers, according to reports.

She was strapped into a bomb harness by one of her elder brothers and sent across a river to her target, in southern Helmand. But she began crying with cold while crossing the river and her brother, a suspected Taliban commander called Zahir, fled, according to the Pahjwok news agency. Some reports said she was still wearing the vest when she handed herself in to the police; others said Zahir took it with him.


What kind of God would expect you to strap your sister into a suicide vest? Is that really the kind of God you should be listening to?

Words fail me…



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