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Global: A Ballad of Attribution

December 14, 2013

To the tune of They Call The Wind Maria by Lerner and Loewe.

Away out here
They have a name
For anything that’s strange
Or weird, or odd,
Or Acts of God,
And they call it climate change.
And they call it climate change!

If it snowed today,
The hens won’t lay,
The cattle are deranged,
You’re getting stout,
Your back went out,
Put it down to climate change!
Put it down to climate change!

When I was young
We used to blame
Bad things on many causes,
But now we know
It’s climate change
Even when the damn thing pauses!
If it’s awful,
Or unlawful,
Then it must be climate change!

So don’t despair
If you can’t bear
The burdens that life brings you.
Jut put it down
To climate change
Any time the media rings you!
The solution
Is attribution!
Put it down to climate change!


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