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US: No New Atheists were harmed in the production of this article…

December 8, 2013

…but some straw men got a hell of a bashing.

Sean McElwee thinks religion will survive, because New Atheists are a bunch of poopy-heads. Or something.

The fundamental error in the “New Atheist” dogma is one of logic. The basic premise is something like this:

1. The cause of all human suffering is irrationality

2. Religion is irrational

3. Religion is the cause of all human suffering

Said no New Atheist, ever. Or any old one, for that matter.

  1. that logic depends on several things: the most problematic of which is that all suffering and pain is cause by irrationality. Tsunamis are not irrational. Hurricanes are not irrational. Starvation is not irrational. Not helping victims is irrational.

    Further, suffering and pain cannot be catagorized as a simple group. After all, what is the suffering and pain of well cared for and well fed slaves? No, pain and suffering has many guises and where religion is concerned the majority of its victims are not non-religious, they are the children of adherents, some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. Religion seeks first to harm them, then teach them to harm others.

  2. The difficulty, friend, is that one is obliged to rid the world of all religions, even religions that are purportedly not religions, such a AGW advocacy, and some additional interpretations of reality about which we do not agree, such as advocacy for homosexual privileges. In this regard, the author is not mistaken, however; one shouldn’t put much stock in the anti-New Atheism writing of authors who were children when terrorists flew jet planes into buildings in America, who can’t remember America under Nixon then Carter then Reagan, or Britain before Thatcher or Cool Britannia, or Australia before the feminists, and therefore lack the knowledge of an anglosphere devoid of self-hate and self-flagellation.

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