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Mexico: Where the remedy for madness is more madness

December 5, 2013

Does God exist? Does the Devil exist? The Catholic church believes they both do – and some priests say they are currently having an immense battle in Mexico.

To some it may seem extraordinary, but priests say the country is under attack by Satan, and that more exorcists are needed to fight him.

This attack, they say, is showing itself in the gruesome drug-related violence, including human sacrifice, that has engulfed the country since 2006.

According to the latest official figures available, at least 70,000 people have died in this period, including gunmen, members of the security forces, and many innocent civilians….

“We believe that behind all these big and structural evils there is a dark agent and his name is The Demon. That is why the Lord wants to have here a ministry of exorcism and liberation, for the fight against the Devil,” says Father Carlos Triana, a priest, and an exorcist, in Mexico City….

Mexico’s exorcists say there is unprecedented demand for their services.

Some are even not taking new cases, as they are having to exorcise demons almost every day…

Only rarely does the Devil possess someone completely, he says, but when that happens, the bishop of the diocese must intervene.

BBC News

And if you can’t afford to pay his fee, you get repossessed.


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  1. Christopher Simpson permalink

    “And if you can’t afford to pay his fee, you get repossessed.” *Groan*

  2. Oh dear….time to send in Arnold Schwarzenegger with guns blazing? “Anytime”

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