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Central African Republic: Christians kill twelve

December 5, 2013

AT LEAST 12 people including children and a pregnant woman have been killed by Christian vigilantes in the Central African Republic, a military source said.

A pregnant woman was disembowelled and 10 children slashed with machetes in the vicious attack against members of the Peuhl Muslim minority, which took place about 95 kilometres north of the capital Bangui.

The attack comes with the UN Security Council set to vote on creating a large peacekeeping force for the impoverished country, where the transitional government has lost control since rebels forced the president to flee in March.

“The assailants were seen not far from the camp and they returned in the night to attack the herdsmen who were there with just knives,” a military source said.

“Among the victims were children and a disembowelled pregnant woman. Some managed to escape and there are more than 10 wounded who have been transferred to Bangui,” the source added.

  1. Jon permalink

    There’s plenty of ‘context’ throughout this blog; and there’s absolutely no question that violence by Muslims is much more prevalent and endemic throughout the world than violence by Christian groups. But I can only report on what I read; and what I read is that Christians with machetes have assaulted children and a pregnant woman. If they really think that’s the best way to ‘combat murderers’ then they’re not thinking straight. And if they really think their religion demands or deserves this sort of activity in its defence, then it’s clearly not conducive to their mental health or long-term survival.

  2. I’m saying this particular “massacre” was carried out by an armed group of men in response to a much larger massacre by a military force sanctioned by the government. Your brief post neglects context. It also lacks the significant research provided by competing claims from that same region. Do Christians kill people? Sure; they’re good at it, given a motive. Hiroshima and Nagasaki come to mind. Also, what, pray tell, is a “militant group?” Armed men numbering more than two? Armed men displaced by Muslim forces? Armed men who saw their families murdered by a religious organization that explicitly argues for the death of non-Muslims? Armed men opposing another group of armed men AND BOYS tended by a woman committed to the same hatred and future genocides? Maybe there’s a better way to combat murderers amidst a genocide. Maybe they haven’t found one.

  3. Jon permalink

    I’m not surprised at all. But are you saying that this particular massacre was not carried out by a militant Christian group?

  4. Retaliation against Muslims for Seleka murders of Christians, while lawlwess, ought not be surprising, nor laid at the feet of a Christian majority targeted by a Muslim minority.

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