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US: Idiot pastor thinks JFK assassination was a good thing

November 25, 2013

Because if it hadn’t been, God wouldn’t have let it happen, right?

On a practical level, Christians are motivated to fight injustice because it was a completely innocent Jesus who was nailed to a cross with criminals on either side of him. Across the country, for example, people are now working with the Innocence Project to exonerate wrongly convicted individuals….

Could such good have been done without a violent death? Perhaps. But the assassination of JFK, like the crucifixion of Jesus, is both a shock and a stimulus. One death motivated the American people to work for progress, while the other continues to inspire Christians to fight injustice and do the hard work of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Washington Post

Because God can’t make good stuff happen without killing off a few inspirational leaders. He’s not omnipotent, after all!

Oh, wait…

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  1. Amazing. Just amazing.

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