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US: Christian idiot drops out of race rather than wear number ‘666’

November 8, 2013

Officials say they would have changed the number if they had known her reason for rejecting it was that she was a delusional moron.

As reported in depth by Lexington NBC affiliate LEX18, Whitley County High (Whitley County, Ky.) cross country runner Codie Thacker voluntarily forfeited her spot in a regional championship race after her coach drew bib No. 666 for the runner. Thacker and her coach argued that she should be allowed to switch her number, but race officials refused the request.

Those officials would later deny that Thacker claimed she needed to change bib numbers for religious reasons, though the junior insists she was explicit about her motivation. To her, running with the number 666 on her chest would have signified a serious breach in her faith.

Yahoo Sports

Update: Besides, Satan is wise to you:


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