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Australia: Same old story, part 2…

November 5, 2013

Sydney detectives have charged a businessman with child sexual abuse offences at Bondi’s Jewish Yeshiva centre during the 1980s…

Fairfax Media has confirmed the arrested man is Daniel Hayman, who has been residing in Los Angeles in recent years.

The arrest and charging of Hayman overnight is likely to put some of Australia’s most senior rabbinical figures under scrutiny over their failures to act on complaints from victims.

Despite complaints, Hayman was never reported to police and left Australia to live in Los Angles Jewish community, where leaders again acted to shield him.

Corporate records show Hayman was a director of a major Australian Jewish educational arm for several years after his alleged sexual abuse of boys…

The leader of the Organisation of Rabbis of Australasia, Moshe Gutnick, in March revealed he failed to alert police to an anonymous complaint about Hayman in the 1980s.

Rabbi Gutnick said in hindsight he was wrong not to alert police.


Behold the moral character forged by prolonged religious training and extensive spiritual exercises! You or I would simply consider that it’s wrong and illegal for an employee of ours to rape children. But Rabbi Gutnick, with exquisite sensibility, leaves the whole thing to hindsight, because hindsight is always right.

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