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UK: Ignore the reasonable people and they’ll go away

October 14, 2013

Two British religious schools want to pretend they’re still in the Middle Ages:

Two state-funded schools have in recent days come to light for challenging Government policy that every school must teach evolution as a valid scientific theory. Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School, a Charedi Jewish secondary in Hackney has been found by the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR) Exam board to have blacked out questions about evolution on pupils’ Science exams, depriving them of possible marks. Meanwhile, Al-Madinah School, a Muslim school in Derby, has advertised to parents in its prospectus that ‘Sensitive, inaccurate and potentially blasphemous material will be censored or removed completely. If and when teachers are required by the curriculum to convey teachings that are totally against Islam (Darwinism, for example), the Director of Islamic Studies will brief the relevant teachers and advise accordingly.’ The British Humanist Association (BHA) has expressed alarm at the findings.

British Humanist Association

Parents are pretty sensitive to school policies which limit their childrens’ chances of doing well and getting jobs. Perhaps they might have a word or two to say.

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