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UK: At least Stalag 13 had searchlights…

October 14, 2013

The Red Cross will distribute food parcels to British pensioners who can’t afford to eat and pay their Green power bills.

Families struggling to cope with rising energy bills face more misery after one of the UK’s leading utilities warned that environmental taxes would trigger even higher prices. The scale of the problem was underlined when the Red Cross announced that it will collect and distribute food aid in Britain this winter for the first time since the second world war.

The spectre of a new round of increases to energy bills came as Dalton Philips, chief executive of Wm Morrison, the supermarket group, expressed concern about the fallout from rising fuel bills on those already on the breadline.

“The problem of high energy bills is a social problem because it is hitting the poor the hardest,” Mr Philips told the Financial Times. “It’s like a tax, taking money out of people’s pockets without them being able to do much about it.”

The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF).


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