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UK: Nasty Professor Dawkins is at it again!

October 10, 2013

Telling people they ought to know stuff before they assert it in public! How dare he!

Critics of the programme would argue that science can include “wonder” – the wonder of the natural world whose secrets man is slowly unravelling – and that emotional experiences such as Tully’s mention of falling in love can be explained by particular brain activity alone. His interview with Baroness Susan Greenfield, the Oxford neuroscientist, was thought-provoking. Greenfield is against “scientism” and the rigidity of thought that implies science has (or will discover) all the answers in the religious sphere. Although not from a faith tradition, she has an open mind and thinks science should not exclude other questions about the human condition. She quoted Faraday: “There is nothing so frightening as someone who knows they are right.”

I don’t think that last sentence means what you think it means, Baroness.

And here’s another from Charles Moore:

But his passionate eloquence suggests something else, something that smacks of the religious zeal that Dawkins says he so detests.

Because obviously, anyone who actually cares about anything must be religious, reeeeeely.

  1. Jon permalink

    Only for religious people, apparently. It’s amusing that Baroness Greenfield, who has an ‘open mind’, knows that science doesn’t have all the answers, while Dawkins who — allegedly — doesn’t, is merely willing to entertain the possibility that it has.

  2. Dawkins has never asserted certainty. He has always maintained that the existence of God(s) is improbable based on the collective evidence available for examination. I don’t understand why this is so difficult to comprehend.

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