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UK: Did I say theft? I meant fraud…

October 5, 2013

[Isle of Wight: ]A 52-year-old man, understood to be Eco Island’s CEO David Green, has been arrested on suspicion of fraud.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary yesterday (Thursday) confirmed that a man was helping Police with their enquiries, however did not officially name Mr Green as the suspect.

It has been locally reported that David Green, who set up The Ecoisland CIC in 2011, is the unnamed man arrested as part of the ongoing enquiries into an unaccounted £115,000.

As revealed yesterday, the Isle of Wight Council have requested Hampshire Constabulary to investigate Eco Island for an unaccounted sum of £115,000, which was granted as part of the ‘Green Deal’ scheme in which the Council awarded Eco Island £240,000 of public money.

Island Echo

The presence of crooks doesn’t proves that green deals are essentially corrupt, any more than the presence of vultures proves the existence of a corpse — but it’s a pretty good indicator.


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