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Bangladesh: Atheist bloggers face prison

September 10, 2013

A group of four writers will stand trial in November accused of publishing material that “causes hurt to religious beliefs”

Yesterday, four Bangladeshi atheist bloggers were indicted for posting derogatory material about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad online. The bloggers, who were first arrested in April, will now face up to 14 years imprisonment and hefty fines. They are the first people to be tried under the country’s new Information Technology Act, which bans the publication of online material that “causes hurt to religious beliefs.”

Rationalist Association

And since nobody but the religious believers can tell whether they have been ‘hurt’ or not, this gives them a free hand to persecute anyone and everyone.

Bangladesh used to be quite sensible, despite being a majority-Muslim nation. Looks like those days may be over.

  1. This saddens me for so many reasons. In 2007 I was aboard a US Navy vessel. We were out and about, chasing pirates and flying in and out of Afghanistan. Then, Cyclone Sidr hit the tiny, undeveloped country known as Bangladesh. Naturally, for PR reasons, we headed east to lend assistance. I was a Marine on that ship, so we were responsible for actually flying in and helping, but it didn’t require every Marine. I had to volunteer to go. I would do it again today, but I wonder how many of them would turn down my assistance if I told them I was an atheist. Not many, I presume. Anyway…

  2. Yes….Dickheads rool okay? …Not

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