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PNG: ‘Black Jesus’ hacked to death

September 1, 2013

A self-style [sic] Papua New Guinea preacher who led a cannibal cult has been hacked to death outside Madang after he killed a local woman last Thursday while on the run from jail.

Stephen Tari, 40, had joined a mass breakout last March while serving three years for rape and other crimes.

He had previously been accused of raping, murdering and eating three girls in front of their mothers.

Tari, who called himself Black Jesus, had reportedly attracted 6000 followers after he started converting followers in Madang Province in 2006.

He told followers they would receive gifts from God if they joined his cult.


Hey, now he can forgive everyone their sins! Isn’t that the way it works? Or does he get to go to Heaven on a winged horse?

Either way, I bet he knew that would happen.


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