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India: Islamic council makes breakthrough in applied stupidity

August 30, 2013

“They’re dethpicable!”

A fatwa on animated cartoons…

Religious leaders at the Darul Uloom seminary, in Deoband, declared that viewing animations – even those featuring comedy characters – was against the tenets of Islam, reports the Bangalore-based Deccan Herald. It quotes senior cleric Mufti Arif Quasmi as saying: “[A] cartoon is a picture. Besides, it is not for the children. It should not be watched.” There are many interpretations of Islamic teachings on the depiction of animate objects, with the most strict banning it completely on the basis that it imitates Allah’s acts of creation. Other scholars, however, permit photography and video.

BBC News

A spokesbear for Hannah-Barbera said: “Hey, hey, hey! I’m only a cartoon character but I’m smarter than the average Imam!”

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