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Australia: Sunlight has an antiseptic effect…

August 29, 2013

..even on Christian schools.

The pentecostal Christian school chosen by Tony Abbott as the site of his education policy launch has decided to review its policy declaring homosexuality an abomination just hours after the Coalition visit….

The Opposition Leader visited a Penrith Christian School to talk about values and announce detail of the Coalition’s plan to turn public schools into independent schools, but his visit thrust the school and its homophobic statement into the national spotlight.

The school, a prepatory to Year 12 school in Sydney’s western suburbs, forces parents to sign a Statement of Faith before their kids can enrol.

The statement lists a range of views, including that homosexuality and homosexual acts are ”abomination unto God, a perversion of the natural order and not to be entered into” as well as statements supporting divine healing and creationism.

The policy was now under review, according to Christian Schools Australia, which says the wording has been ”misunderstood” and that gay and lesbian students are treated with care.


Starting tomorrow.

The main issue here: they’re taking taxpayers’ money and using it to spread and promote vile bigotry. Once they get their grubby hands out of our pockets, they can teach whatever they like.


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