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Australia: Poor bloody taxpayers win, for once

August 29, 2013

But they had to lodge an appeal to do it.

An assault victim has lost a bid for taxpayer-funded compensation so she could receive “spiritual healing” in Canada, capping off a three-year legal wrangle.

The Queensland government had previously been ordered to foot the bill, which included more than $20,000 for the treatment program and airfares for the woman, who also planned to take a companion.

Victims Assist Queensland – a taxpayer-funded compensation scheme for victims of crime who receive up to $75,000 – filed an appeal and Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie supported the legal action….

The application for compensation was triggered by a 2007 assault on the woman when she was enlisted by an Aboriginal clan to negotiate a native title compensation claim….

She said mainstream treatment had failed and she needed therapy under a program designed for indigenous Canadians with whom she identified.

Cree Nations Treatment Haven offered the 35-day treatment at a cost of $4000.


There’s lucky — otherwise she might have had to go to Mars.

But next time you get a paper cut at work, insist that Scarlett Johanssen or Brad Pitt has to kiss it better; and see how far you get.

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