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US: Quick — what colour is your brain?

August 28, 2013

If you said ‘grey’, Jerry Mungadze would like to make an appointment. Bring a bell, book and candle.

Ex-gay therapist Jerry Mungadze has a highly scientific way of determining if someone is possessed by demons — by giving them a box of crayons and asking them to color in a picture of a human brain. Oh, he can also tell if you’re gay by using this method, reports Right Wing Watch.

During an appearance on televangelist Benny Hinn’s TV show, “This Is Your Day,” Mungadze explained his method. “There’s a certain color someone uses that I won’t mention that tells me someone’s been demonized. Everything that I talk about is based on numbers, is based on studies, which is what you do is [sic] when you’re a scientist.”

Huffington Post

And the colour code?

Greys, browns and blacks = demonic possession

Pink = gay

Red = Communist

Blue = depressed

No, sorry, I made those last ones up. That’s what us scientists do.


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