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Mexico: Go to a desert, break the law, vomit, have psychotic episodes, maybe die…

August 21, 2013

…and it only costs two thousand dollars!

The tourists just keep trickling in.

They have not been deterred by the difficult topography, and there is no indication they have paid any heed to rusty, metal signs announcing regularly that “HARVESTING AND SELLING PEYOTE IS A FEDERAL CRIME.”…

When the group locates what they have come for, the rituals start in earnest.

Typically, people ask permission from the Wirikuta desert where the indigenous people believe the universe was created.

Then an offering is made to the plant and people are careful not to uproot it. The peyote is splashed with water and its small button-shaped fleshy parts are eaten….

The native people see the plant as the symbolic heart of the deer god, as well as their communications hotline with the gods.

Every year, the local community treks to Quemado hill led by a shaman who gives blessings and makes offerings to the peyote….

Many people experience heightened senses, synesthesia, vomiting and other effects while on the drug….

Other locals also have voiced concern at cases of foreigners who came from around the world only to die alone in the desert, or wind up in local psychiatric facilities.

Mayor Hector Moreno warned: “Peyote is exclusively for (indigenous) Huichol culture…”


Because we really hate those Huichol fuckers!

Tim and Debbie would love it…


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