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Australia: Something has gone badly wrong…

August 16, 2013

…when a man who hacked up his baby daughter gets compensation because the prison didn’t cater to his stupid fucking religious dietary fantasies.

Halal butcher Raymond Akhtar Ali was jailed for life for the murder and dismemberment of a newborn girl whom he had fathered with his live-in baby sitter.

Ali was awarded $3000 compensation through the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal this month for religious discrimination.

QCAT found Ali was discriminated against because he was served vegetarian meals for four months in Maryborough Correctional Centre instead of specially prepared halal meat in accordance with his religious requirements.


Who is the insane one here?

  1. Reblogged this on hitchens67 Atheism WOW!! Campaign and commented:
    Execute this subhuman shitbag! He needs a new asshole in his forehead courtesy of an AR-15!

  2. Fucking insane and fucking insane liberal assholes that think that the death penalty doesn’t work! I would force feed this asshole pork!

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