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Iraq: 16 killed in Islamic bombings

August 15, 2013

A SERIES of bombings have struck Baghdad, killing at least 16 people, officials say, a day after Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki vowed to press a campaign against militants.

Security forces have carried out major operations against Iraqi militants in recent weeks, but despite the military action, the worst violence to hit Iraq in five years continues to ravage the country.

The four car bombs and a roadside bomb struck four different areas of Baghdad on Thursday morning, also wounding more than 50 people.

In the single deadliest attack, a car bomb exploded at a bus station in the Kadhimiyah area of north Baghdad, killing seven people and wounding 24.

The Australian

Imagine for a moment that Catholics were doing this kind of thing in the West, and had been for ten years. How many sane people would still belong to the church?

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  1. Excellent point.
    I raised a similar one to a fundamentalist Christian who said everyone should be free to practice what they believed and I suggested sure but don;t preach it and that maybe they might feel differently if there were face to face with an Islamic extremist in a hurry to embrace a group of virgins with his finger on the detonator of a low yield nuclear device.

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