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Ireland: Catholic Church STILL trying to kill women

August 8, 2013

THE two leading cancer specialists at the Mater Hospital in Dublin last night dramatically intervened in the row over a decision to delay vital trials of a new cancer drug.

In an open letter sent to the Irish Independent, Mater oncologists Dr John McCaffrey and Prof Desmond Carney said the Catholic Church had no right to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship.

The Mater, which is Catholic run, objects to wording in the accompanying patient information leaflet which mentions various forms of artificial contraception.

It wants this changed in line with its Catholic ethos which is opposed to artificial forms of birth control such as the pill…

In the open letter, Dr A McCaffrey and Prof Carney state:

“With more than 40 years combined experience in managing cancer, in Ireland and abroad, we strongly believe that no-one should become pregnant while on chemotherapy.

Which of course they will if they rely on the Church’s advice. But hey, what’s a few lives measured against unquestioning obedience to old men in frocks?

  1. I know I should be shocked, but unfortunately, I’m not. After debating these issues with several Catholic zealots, they state in no uncertain terms that adherence to the laws of the church trumps all.

    They prefer that both mother and fetus die rather than to save the woman. Misogyny in its most glaring and entrenched form.

  2. Incredible!

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