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UK: The cost of green guilt

July 22, 2013

BRITAIN is splurging an extra £39million on fighting climate change abroad — as squeezed taxpayers face more austerity at home.

The hike — announced as George Osborne set out £11.5billion of Whitehall budget cuts last month — was branded a “total waste of money” after being uncovered by The Sun.

The UK will dole out £969MILLION on foreign green projects — including wind farms in Africa and forestry in Nepal — by 2015-16, up from £930million a year earlier.

The extra is part of a pledge to hand 0.7 per cent of our income over to poor nations.

The Sun

‘Hand over’ is good. Who gets to build the wind farms, I wonder? Because they’re the only ones who’ll reap any benefit whatsoever. This is a taxpayer donation to the Green cabal.


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