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Pakistan: ‘We have decided…’

July 20, 2013 make life even more hellish for Muslim women.

TRIBAL elders and Islamic clerics in northwest Pakistan have barred women from shopping in bazaars without a male relative.

The decision was taken on Friday in the Karak district of conservative Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which borders the restive tribal areas along the Afghan border.

“We have decided that women will not visit bazaars without a male relative,” said Maulana Mirzaqeem, a cleric and tribal elder.

“Those who will visit markets without male relatives will be handed over to police.”

“They spread vulgarity and spoil men’s fasting in Ramadan,” Mirzaqeem said, adding that the ban would be publicised using loudspeakers at local mosques.

The Australian

Let’s hope a lot of Pakhtunkhwa men come home from work to a bare table and an empty cupboard.


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