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Thailand: The monk is a punk!

July 19, 2013

HE’S known as Thailand’s jet-setting fugitive monk, and his story has riveted the country with daily headlines of lavish excess, promiscuity and alleged crimes ranging from statutory rape to manslaughter.

Until a month ago, 33-year old Wirapol Sukphol was relatively unknown in Thailand. Now he is at the centre of the biggest religious scandal the predominantly Buddhist country has seen in years.

Despite the vows he took to lead a life of celibacy and simplicity, Wirapol had a taste for luxury, police say. His excesses first came to light in June with a YouTube video that went viral. It showed the orange-robed monk in aviator sunglasses taking a private jet ride with a Louis Vuitton carry-on…

Since then, a long list of darker secrets has emerged – including his accumulated assets of an estimated one billion baht ($A34.80 million). This week, authorities issued an arrest warrant for the disgraced monk after having him defrocked in absentia.

The Australian

Absentia must be a wonderful place to live — nothing that happens there really matters.


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