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US: There are no atheists in prisons!

July 17, 2013

Well, not many, anyway.

Of the prisoners willing to give their religious affiliations (and that’s an important caveat), atheists make up 0.07% of the prison population.

Not 1%.

Not even the 0.2% we’ve been using for so long.

Atheists constitute an even smaller percentage of the prison population than we ever imagined. (That includes prisoners whose affiliations were unknown. If I used Golumbaski’s method, the number would be 0.09%.)

In addition to that, Protestants make up 28.7% of the prison population; Catholics, 24%; Muslims, 5.5%; American Indians, 3.1%. I’ve put together a bare-bones spreadsheet with these numbers here — feel free to do with that what you will.

Friendly Atheist blog

I can’t wait for the results of the Foxhole Survey to come out.


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  1. I take the centra point of the stats, but I also wonder how many would claim a religious affiliation on the outside (if being completely honest)?

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