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Australia: How ‘The Team’ protects its own

July 9, 2013

But of course there’s no anti-sceptic conspiracy…

Subject: From Murry Salby…

1. In 2008, I was recruited from the US by “Macquarie University”, with appointment as Professor, under a national employment contract with regulatory oversight, and with written agreement that Macquarie would provide specified resources to enable me to rebuild my research program in Australia….

3. Three years passed before Macquarie produced even the first major component of the resources it had agreed to provide. After five years of cat-and- mouse, Macquarie has continued to withhold the resources that it had committed. As a result, my computer models and analyses remain inoperative….

5. To remedy the situation, I petitioned Macquarie through several avenues provided in my contract. Like other contractual provisions, those requests were ignored…Macquarie’s failure to register rendered my contract under the national employment system null and void….

Insight from [my] research contradicts many of the reckless claims surrounding greenhouse gases. More than a few originate from staff at Macquarie, which benefits from such claims….

10. Following the obstruction of research communication, as well as my earlier efforts to obtain compliance with my contract, Macquarie modified my professional duties. My role was then reduced to that of a student teaching assistant: Marking student papers for other staff – junior staff. I objected, pursuant to my appointment and provisions of my contract.

11. In February 2013, Macquarie then accused me of “misconduct”, cancelling my salary. It blocked access to my office, computer resources, even to personal equipment I had transferred from the US….

14. While I was in Europe presenting our new research on greenhouse gases, Macquarie undertook its misconduct proceedings – with me in absentia.
Macquarie was well informed of the circumstances. It was more than informed…. 

18. In May 2013, while the matter was pending before the employment tribunal, Macquarie terminated my appointment.

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