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Australia: Everyone has to obey the law! Except you, faith schools.

July 7, 2013

A bid to overturn controversial laws allowing private schools to expel students simply because they are gay has been rejected by some faith-based schools as a threat to their religious freedom.

Independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich will soon introduce a private member’s bill to State Parliament to abolish the law, which he says could be used against highly vulnerable teenagers.

Under the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act, it is unlawful for education authorities to refuse admission to, or expel, a student for being gay, lesbian or transgender.

Private schools and colleges are explicitly exempt from this law.

Why is this a problem? Of course private bodies should be free to be able to include or exclude anyone they like.

Except when I’m paying for it.

In a submission to the recent Senate inquiry into federal anti-discrimination laws, the Human Rights Council of Australia argued that organisations that are wholly or partially funded with public funds, including religious schools, should not be granted exemptions on religious grounds. ”It is reasonable for the state to require public funds to be expended and applied wholly in accordance with principles of nondiscrimination,” it said.


Drop off the public teat, and you can do whatever you damn well please, and good luck to you. But while you’re on it, try and behave with some decency and compassion.


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