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Australia: Cover-ups and collusion protected priestly pedophiles

July 7, 2013

This week, the inquiry enters the sixth of seven weeks of public hearings. For the first four weeks it focused on its first term of reference, on why Detective Chief Inspector Fox was asked to stop investigating alleged child sex abuse by Fletcher and McAlinden, and whether that was ‘‘appropriate’’.

Fox was excluded from a police strike force known as Lantle – investigating a sex abuse cover-up within the church from 2010 – even though he had been conducting his own inquiries for years. He has claimed there is a ‘‘Catholic mafia’’ within the NSW Police.

The senior officer who left him off Strike Force Lantle, Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Humphrey, gave evidence he had believed Fox was a ‘‘zealot’’ who was ‘‘beyond driven … in relation to the Catholic Church’’ and the investigation needed a ‘‘fresh set of eyes’’.


Ones that didn’t see quite so clearly.


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