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Iran: Giving women sporting awards is contrary to the rules we just made up…

July 5, 2013

Even if they do wear stupid clothes.

AN Iranian woman says authorities have denied her a free water swimming record after ruling that her costume failed to meet the standards of sharia law.

Elham Asghari, 32, who also teaches swimming, says she swam 18 kilometres in eight hours in the Caspian Sea in northern Iran on June 11 off a “women only” beach.

The sports ministry refused to approve the record, saying she was not wearing an approved costume under sharia law, Asghari said in a video posted on YouTube after the swim.

“I had an Islamic dress and I went into the sea with the permission of the (swimming) federation,” Asghari was also quoted as saying by Bahar newspaper on June 26.

But a representative of the federation refused to certify her record, saying “the deputy sports minister told him that her costume was not suitable for free water swimming”.

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