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Mongolia: Enviro-fascists show their true colours

July 3, 2013

A Mongolian neo-Nazi group has rebranded itself as an environmentalist organisation fighting pollution by foreign-owned mines, seeking legitimacy as it sends swastika-wearing members to check mining permits.

Tsagaan Khass, or White Swastika, has only 100 or so members but it is one of several groups – others have names including Dayar Mongol (Whole Mongolia), Gal Undesten (Fire Nation) and Khukh Mongol (Blue Mongolia) – that are linking nationalism and resources as foreign firms seek to exploit the mineral wealth of the vast country, landlocked between Russia and China.

Based in an office behind a lingerie store in the Mongolian capital, the shaven-headed, jackbooted Tsagaan Khass stormtroopers launch raids on mining projects, demanding paperwork or soil samples to be studied for contaminants.

“Before, we used to work in a harsh way, like breaking down doors,” the group’s leader, Ariunbold Altankhuum, 40, told Reuters. “But now, we have changed and we use other approaches, like demonstrations.”On a patrol to a quarry two hours’ drive from the capital, members wore black, SS-style Nazi uniforms complete with lightning flashes and replica Iron Crosses.

They questioned a mine worker about paperwork, opting to return in a week’s time, when the owner had returned.

“Today our main goal is to save nature. We are doing things to protect the environment,” Altankhuum said. “The development of mining is growing and has become an issue.”

“The environmental movement provides us with a caring, socially responsible way to do what we enjoy most — scaring the shit out of people.”

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  1. A Mongolian Neo-Nazi group? I think the term “neo-nazi” as become a too general term for extreme right groups all over the world, now including North Asia as well. The trouble with this liberal use of labeling people as “neo-nazis”, is the Nazi believe in the supposed superiority of Nothern Europeans.

    Nevertheless, it’s important to bring this far right Mongolian group to our attention.

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