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Egypt: God comes through for his followers, as usual…

July 3, 2013

No, sorry, only joking.

Two years after the revolution that toppled a dictator, Egypt is already a failed state. According to the Failed States Index, in the year before the uprising it ranked No. 45. After Hosni Mubarak fell, it worsened to 31st. I haven’t checked recently – I don’t want to get more depressed. But the evidence is all around us.

Today you see an erosion of state authority in Egypt. The state is supposed to provide security and justice; that’s the most basic form of statehood. But law and order is disintegrating. In 2012, murders were up 130 per cent, robberies 350 per cent, and kidnappings 145 per cent, according to the Interior Ministry. You see people being lynched in public, while others take pictures of the scene. Mind you, this is the 21st century – not the French Revolution!

The feeling now is that there is no state authority to enforce law and order, and therefore everybody thinks that everything is permissible. And that, of course, creates a lot of fear and anxiety.


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  1. That explains why you need a secular government instead of a religious one. The former will concentrate on its core tasks (external and internal security for its citizens, and stuff like infrastructure), while the latter will ignore the core functions of the state in order to pursue the supposed commands of an invisible deity.

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