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Ireland: Pack the flensing knives and the sacrificial altar, Magda!

June 25, 2013

It’s off to the Emerald Isle we are!

Irish people have “to all intents and purposes, become pagan” according to the Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) .

The report from the Irish Roman Catholic clergy and published on the ACP website blames problems the church is facing on people’s lack of time or interest and faith rather than its own institution.

It said: “There seems to be a substantial number of bishops, and some priests, who believe that the problems we are facing are not due to any difficulties in the Church or with the priesthood, but are caused by a lack of faith in the people.

“The people, they told us, have bought into the evils of materialism and consumerism, and don’t have time or interest in faith any more. They have, to all intents and purposes, become pagan. And they believe that ‘evangelisation’ is the answer.”

Irish People ‘Have Become Pagan’ Say Association of Catholic Priests

The researchers reported that many Irish people now embrace bizarre, insane beliefs — for instance, that a human being can turn into a bit of bread, or that sex is wicked unless it’s intended for reproduction — but added that they hoped these dysfunctional people would see the light and seek therapy in time.


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