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Australia: Sinful eleven-year-old seduces rabbi!

June 23, 2013

Welcome to the topsy-turvy world of Rabbi Lesches.

When challenged on his position that young boys could give consent, Rabbi Lesches replied ”you would be surprised” and added that some non-Jewish boys, who he termed ”goyims”, began acting or thinking sexually ”from the age of five”.

He said teenagers from poor backgrounds had ”nothing else to do in life, only thinking 24 hours about sex” with each other, members of their own families and even ”dogs”….

A traditional rule, mesirah, prohibits a Jew from reporting another’s wrong-doing to non-Jewish authorities; it remains a powerful influence in some ultra-orthodox communities.

Well, that’s convenient…

Rabbi Lesches, who did not respond to questions from Fairfax Media, is the third senior rabbinical leader to be identified as having known something about the abuse of boys at the Sydney Yeshiva in the 1980s.


And we haven’t even got to the bit where the perpetrator’s family make large donations to Lesches’ employer.

Let’s just make it clear what the problem is here. It’s not that a stupid old man holds medieval views. It’s that he puts them forward in public as an accredited representative of a widely-held religion. And nobody stops him.


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