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US: Christians see reason, apologise, sort of

June 21, 2013

THE leader of Exodus International, a Christian ministry that worked to help people repress same-sex attraction, has apologised to the gay community for inflicting “years of undue suffering”. He plans to close the organisation while launching a new effort to promote reconciliation.

“The church has waged the culture war, and it’s time to put the weapons down,” Alan Chambers said yesterday, hours after announcing his decision at Exodus’ annual conference and posting his apology online.

“While there has been so much good at Exodus, there has also been bad,” Mr Chambers said at the conference. “We’ve hurt people.”

The Australian

Just don’t ask us to explain about the ‘good’ part.

Update: The Australian branch decides to go on hurting people. Hey, it’s what they do.

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  1. There were no good parts. Mr Chambers just say that in order to reconcile his believes with morality, so he can live with himself.

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