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Canada: Canadians, be afraid!

June 17, 2013

A crackpot is running one of your space engineering companies:

Let’s take the word “day.” In terms of the first six days, they’re “creation days,” which are different from just days. There are a number of sources in all the religions that interpret those days as periods of time.

I’m certainly not the first. What is unique about my work is that I went into the sources and I said, “Look, if the Bible is self-contained and if I say a day is not 24 hours, then what is it? Whatever it is it, it must be in the Bible. I can’t make it up from science, or from what I know today, and push it back on the Bible.”

What I discovered was a scaling factor — just like when you look at the blueprint of your home. It doesn’t make a lot of sense until you look at the right-hand corner and it says “one inch equals eight feet” and so on. So I went looking for that in the Bible and I found it. It told me that one day is 2.56 billion years. That is the epoch of time that each of those six “creation days” is.

Toronto Star

Except the order is wrong and the timing doesn’t work — little, trivial problems like that, you know. But here’s the kicker: Friedmann is:

 the CEO of Canada’s leading aerospace company, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates,

so the next time a rocket goes ka-blooey on the launch pad, it may just be due to an error of three or four orders of magnitude in a ‘scaling factor’.


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