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UK: We need Christianity, says Chief Rabbi!

June 14, 2013

Just read that again, slowly. And consider the implications: ‘My (true) religion is not popular enough to defend itself, so we need more people to believe in a (false) religion in order to fight for my religion against people who believe in another (even more false) religion.”

And why do we need them? To defeat Voldemort’s mob — you know, The Ones Who Must Not Be Named. The atheists can’t do it, they’re much too reasonable:

Whatever happened to the intellectual depth of the serious atheists, the forcefulness of Hobbes, the passion of Spinoza, the wit of Voltaire, the world-shattering profundity of Nietzsche?

The Spectator

What happened, Rabbi, is that they showed us religion was a set of fairy tales, and said ‘you can take it from here’. Which we have done. It’s called ‘progress’. Get over it.

But about these ‘barbarians’; are you really advocating another Holy War? Because those never work out well.

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  1. The failure to comprehend ethical and moral alternatives to religion is not merely a failure of imagination: it is a failure of investigation.

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